Thursday, October 6, 2011

And the complaints keep rolling in

Here are just a few new complaints.  I'll add more as I have time.  There is definitely no shortage of material for this blog.

Horror StoryThe first agent was incapable of giving me a window or aisle seat, although, I made my reservation one full month ahead and was very flexible as far as dates. The second agent lied to me and assigned a fake seat, perhaps just to please me. Then, I realized that no seat was assigned to me! A company that lies to its customers is doomed to failure. Can anyone give me other options?

Horror StoryI will never fly United again, even if it saves me money. My flight to Dulles was delayed and having a tight connection, I checked with the counter who told me that 20 minutes between flights is plenty of time and that even she, who had a five-year old, had managed to navigate between terminals within five minutes. Well, she must have been superman because it took me at least 15 minutes to wait to get off the plane, and then literally run from the gate to the sky train, and finally, to my other gate.Needless to say, I missed the flight because the flight decided to take off early. Well, thank you very much United for not giving a second thought about your passengers who experienced a delay. What is possibly the most appalling is the staff. It is very obvious they care nothing for their customers and will go out of their way to minimize work for themselves. No wonder U.S. airlines are going bust. Who would want to be treated like they owe the employees a favor? It was obvious that the employee just told me that I could make it for the flight because she was too lazy to find me an alternative and just wanted me to go away.

Also, when I got to Dulles, the United club lounge is possibly the worst lounge ever. They might as well just put a dummy to man the counter because that is exactly what the counter staff are. The lady just kept saying that she was not supposed to be working there so she knew nothing. Gee, thanks. Right now, my 5:30 flight has been delayed to 7:20 and then, to 7:33 and then, now, to 7:45. No reason was given; we just had to accept it. My two-hour trip has taken me 12 hours, and counting. Talk about flying in the stone ages. I could have driven to Albany by now.

Horror StoryOn 08 Sept 11, I arrived at the Medford, Oregon airport one hour prior to departure time. With just one agent at the counter, people waiting to be checked in, five people in front of me and two passengers who were delayed checking in, time was running short. Then, another agent was finally brought in. I was next in line and I was told that my suitcase was overweight for, I was thinking, 2 or 3 lbs. I needed a credit card for the extra fee and I needed to hurry as I still had to go through security. I am an elderly short woman and I had to practically run to the tarmac. I never had the chance to transfer the contents from my suitcase to my carry on. I will not fly with United again.

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