Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a few of the fines levied against United Airlines

OOPS: The Department of Transportation recently fined UnitedAirlines for failing to correctly inform passengers of compensation allowed for luggage problems.  The maximum allowed compensation was raised to $1,800 in December of 2009.  By August of 2011, United still had not carried out their obligation to keep their passengers informed.


United Airlines was recently fined over half a million dollars by the FAA for allegedly violating regulations for drug and alcohol testing of “safety-sensitive” employees.


Here is a link to an article about a mult-million dollar fines sought from United Airlines for flying jalopy-style airplanes.  In one instance, rags were used to stop oil leaks instead of the proper caps.  A plane flew like this and had to shut down and engine and return to the airport. The large amount of the fines reflects the high number of instances that United Airlines with such safety violations.


OSHA fined United Airlines nearly a quarter of a million dollars for violations of safety practices in their workplace.

Let’s recap
  1. DOT fine for not divulging information to its customers
  2. FAA fine for flying planes in violation of safety standards
  3. OSHA fine for unsafe workplace

In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll return to posting more stories from my growing pile of complains about United Airlines.

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