Thursday, October 6, 2011

Screwed By United

Welcome to United Airlines Horror Stories.

I am inviting all readers to submit their United Stories.  I know there are problems with all of the airlines but for this one site, I want your United Airline horror stories.

I have several of them.  For the most part, I keep them to myself.  Since every airline has its problems, I tend to be forgiving however, United recently crossed the line.

Here is my first United Airline horror story.

I have been flying regularly since 1989.  The airline I use most is United.  I do this because they have the most flights out of my home airport in San Francisco.  So far, I have 1,950,000 miles on United.  By December 31, 2011, I will have 1,975,000 - 25,000 miles short of 2 million miles.

For the last several years, I've had my eye on the 2 million mile mark.  It's kind of a status symbol to get that far.  Additionally, they give you a lifetime membership to the Red Carpet Club.

A week ago, I was only a few months away from that milestone.

Then last week, United changed their policy.  They will no longer be giving away the lifetime memberships for those  few people that achieve 2 million miles.  That's right.  For years they've been saying, "Get to 2 million miles and you get the lifetime membership."  Now that I'm almost there, they are saying, "Just kidding."

I wrote an email asking for them to give me a break.  After all, I will be within 1% of the goal before they end the program.  After 22 years of being dedicated to United, I will be within 1% of the goal only to have them change the rules.

Their response amounted to "No Soup For You!"

I have placed an order for a t-shirt that says "Have you been screwed by United Airlines?  Send me your story." I intend to wear it every time I get on a United flight.

Join me by posting your story in the comment section or sending me an email at


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  3. I booked a flight with United to go from SFO to Chicago to arrive at 5:00 pm yesterday, Christmas Eve.
    The gate agent insisted on checking my bag/ suitcase when I boarded my flight in San Francisco. I was handed a check stub for the bag.
    The flight was a connection with another flight stopping in Aspen Colorado using the same plane.
    When we landed in Aspen, they asked everyone to depart the aircraft, only to re board the same aircraft some 15 minutes later.
    I was never told that I needed to receive my checked bag when landing in Aspen.
    I boarded the flight and landed timely at 5:00 pm last night, only to find out the bag full of Christmas presents had been unloaded in Aspen, and was never Re loaded!!!
    I spent some 2 hours upon landing last night in Chicago with some very rude agents and their supervisor with not one of them apologizing for the delay or loss of baggage!!
    I still don’t have the bag!!
    I have talked to numerous agents in New Delhi India trying to get my bag delivered, with a COD CHARGE 0f $30.00, because United lost my bag!!

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